We believe in building lasting, trusting relationships with our clients. It is our belief is that in these modern times, a website owner does not need to rely on their developer to post content. You should be able to keep your website content fresh and current. It saves us time, and saves you money in the long run. But this doesn't mean we cast off our clients once our work is complete. We are always available to add features, tweak scripts or troubleshoot any problem, at any time. Our clients stick with us for good reason.

Web Design

Any web design company can provide you with a content management system (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal). These are one-size-fits all solutions, and we know that one size definitely doesn't fit all! We appreciate that not all of our clients are tech savvy, and that's what we specialize in-helping you manage your content. We develop custom content management systems. This means you will be able to update your web content using a regular web browser (Edge, Firefox, Chrome, Safari) with minimal knowledge of computers. No confusing menus or modules. Just the items you want updated, when you want them updated. Your custom solution can include managing/selling your product(s) online, social network integration, or anything else you might require. We have built nearly every type of system, from HR administration to inventory management.


Our hosting services are the best-period. We offer nightly, archived backups, IMAP email, unlimited storage and bandwidth, all on a cPanel platform at an affordable price. Already have an awesome website? We'll handle the hosting ONLY if you want to keep things just the way they are :)


Having difficulty navigating the world of domains? We're experts @ registering all types of domains and handling transfers smoothly and quickly. Want to ensure you don't lose any emails when switching? We've got that too! PLUS-you retain ownership of your domain!

What is "Website Rescue?"

Website Rescue is a term we use to describe the process of "saving" your web solution from a bad designer or predicament. Often clients are figuratively handcuffed by the person who set up their website; they control the domain and the content that resides on the server. We can assist you in transfering your domain into your own name at no additional cost. Website Rescue can also refer to the process of reconstructing a website that has become unmanageable. If your site has stopped working, JAC Web Design can re-build your site with all the functionality you require (and improvements!) at a price you can afford.